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What if your words actually had the power to elevate your career and your income, create more deeply satisfying relationships, and give you the visibility, confidence, and VALUE you’ve always dreamt of having?

They DO!

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Are you ready to unlock the power of your voice?

Are you tired of feeling like your voice is invisible?

Do you struggle to get your ideas across in meetings, presentations,
or even during your one-on-one conversations?

When your voice isn’t “heard” or valued by others, you may face problems such as:

  • Being overlooked for promotions
  • Feeling unappreciated or isolated
  • Being excluded from important discussions.
  • Error and conflicts caused by miscommunication and misunderstandings.
  • Conflicts that can harm relationships and business outcomes 

Hi! I’m Sheral DeVaughn.  Thanks for checking out my Speaking With Sher page. Let me share with you what I do.

My mission in life is to help you get your voice heard so you
never EVER feel “invisible” again.

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I develop custom strategies personalized just for you to allow you to communicate your ideas
clearly, confidently, and persuasively.

I will teach you to build stronger connections, have more meaningful conversations, and allow you to
gain the respect and recognition you deserve.

I am “The Word Whisperer”


Over the past three decades I’ve learned the secrets to creating strong and immediate connections, regardless of who I’m speaking to or where I am.

These Secret Strategies work for any personality type:

I customize these secret strategies to work naturally and comfortably for who YOU are.

Whether you’re looking to become the lifeline within your business or the life of the party, I can show you the most effective ways to create interest, gain attention, and build trust and loyalty no matter the audience.

You will experience and enjoy the respect of colleagues and the personal satisfaction within your relationships.

How do I know?

As hard as it is to believe, I struggled both in my personal life and in my 15+ year professional radio career.
I was a radio personality who felt like she didn’t have a voice!

That’s when I woke up and began making some changes in my communication style and my approach.

And it worked!

I went from being an afterthought, to being sought after.

I went from feeling silenced, to being seen.

You can too.

You will be heard and understood.

You will no longer feel “invisible.”

And you won’t have to change who you are or your personality to make it happen.

Ready to discover the POWER of your words?


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Discover how humor, high-energy, and masterful storytelling can bring sizzle to your events and employees.
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(An Unconventional Primer for Life’s Hurdles)

A grown-up “Un-Fairy Tale”, this Amazon Best-Seller provides you with a blueprint for finding your own “happily ever after.”

Sheral masterfully weaves her humor and life experiences into an engaging story sharing her real-life struggles within her family, the radio industry, and herself, and candidly discussing how she overcame them. You’ll see yourself in her stories, and find a path to finding your voice and happiness.

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Hear It In their Own Words!

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Who is Sheral DeVaughn?

Have you ever felt like your voice was “invisible?”

Do you wonder why some people have others hanging on their every word but your ideas and messages are ignored, discounted, or misunderstood? 

I did too, because I experienced having an invisible voice for years. 

How did I change things and learn to create the power of connection through my conversations? Let me show you how.

“Feeling invisible is something you create in your mind. You see it in the mirror, you hear it in your voice, but it’s not real.” - Unknown